Nautilus Capital Research was founded over ten years ago to exploit the persistent patterns that characterize the historical tendencies of the financial markets. Our clients include some of the largest and most sophisticated active investment managers who recognize the benefits of an independent research group that can provide a historical context to assess real-time market conditions. Our research often checks prejudicial assumptions and triggers new investment ideas. The historical perspective that Nautilus provides complements and extends the risk management capabilities of our clients and enables more data dependent decision making.

putting the pieces together

The Nautilus Edge

  • Independent — free-thinkers, not afraid to go against the crowd, focused on new ideas
  • Systematic — proprietary infrastructure for interpretation of large financial market data sets
  • Experienced — over 20 years on average in research & investment management with diverse and complementary backgrounds in economics, computer science & history

How Nautilus Can Help

  • Risk Management — thorough assessment of the probabilities of prospective market moves
  • Idea Generation — actionable trading ideas and investment theses based on multiple points of evidence to complement in-house analysis
  • Bespoke Analysis — on demand verification of client hypotheses with custom studies, charts, indicators, models and monitors